Company Overview


  • Experienced Management Team

    April Investors is led by a highly experienced management team in the FX and Fintech industries.

  • Years of Success

    With a track record of success built on years of experience, we provide the highest trading environment.

  • Safety and Trust

    We offer a secure and reliable trading environment, ensuring the highest level of stability.

At April Investors, we provide Foreign Exchange (FX) trading services to both individual and institutional investors.

As an online FX trading platform, April Investors caters to individual and institutional traders globally. Established in 2020 to meet the demand for stable FX trading without dealing desk intervention, we operate using a No Dealing Desk (NDD) model.

Our management and support team, boasting extensive experience and knowledge in foreign exchange and fintech, strive to deliver a top-level trading environment to all individual and institutional traders in the industry.

April Investors is headquartered on Mahé Island, Seychelles, and is led by a strong leadership team. With extensive expertise and experience in financial services and management consulting, we provide traders with the most stable, secure, and reliable trading environment.

Furthermore, our leadership team at April Investors maintains close cooperation with auditing agencies, partner banks, and other financial institutions to ensure honest operations and customer safety. With a network of service providers across Singapore, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India, we offer industry-leading experience and innovation to our valued customers.

April Investors Corporate Mission

The corporate mission of April Investors is to remain the chosen broker for true FX and CFD traders by earning high praise from our customers, providing a stable and flexible trading platform, and offering low-cost trading.

At April Investors, we always keep three core values in mind as we strive to achieve our corporate mission.

  • Trust

    At April Investors, we only employ staff and partners at the highest industry level. We invest in talent development within our company to ensure that our customers receive prompt and accurate service at all times. To satisfy our customers, April Investors goes above and beyond the regulatory standards set by authorities, implementing and following our own self-imposed regulations.

  • Safe

    April Investors invests in the development and optimization of trading infrastructure to maximize platform uptime. We also establish data centers worldwide to provide our customers with the best possible connection environment. With abundant liquidity, backup servers, and built-in fail-safe features, we have earned industry-leading reliability.

  • Value

    To ensure narrow spreads and market depth, April Investors continuously monitors liquidity. Additionally, we use effective technology and processes to keep operational costs low. Rather than allocating significant budgets to marketing or bonus disbursement, we focus on offering a leading platform to our customers at a low cost.